Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

Okay, the subject line pretty much sums it up. If you are envisioning dry pizza, happy children and some dude who strongly resembles Coolio playing a video game then you can pretty much imagine what Sophie's Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese was like. :)

It was Greg's idea... and a good one. Sophie does not turn 3 until November 19th, but we decided to celebrate it the weekend before. She had NO IDEA what was going on, but in true Sophie fashion she went with the flow. She was just thrilled that she was able to eat the cupcakes that she chose at the store...the ones that she sat on minutes before her party guests arrived. :O

We all had fun & we are so thankful that all of our wonderful friends joined us!!


Beth said...

I love the picture of Sophie with the party hat. Too cute!! I'm glad she had fun. :)

Terry Bernatt said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! The pictures are great. Can't believe how the time flies. She's such a different little girl than when she fearfully posed with her blankie and picture of her mama, baba and jie jie, seconds before bursting into tears. Loooove her smile.

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