Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The "Look"

Sophie is our drama queen. Last night I received the "look". She is age appropriately VERY independent and does not want any help...even when she NEEDS it! Of course she ends up crying immediately when things do not go her way. And she cries pretty loud. :) This is a daily cycle in our house lately. Last night it was about the pictured nightgown. She was insistent on putting it on all by herself. There are buttons that you have to undo before you can get it over your head and of course she encountered some technical difficulties. Somehow apparently it became MY fault and she let me know it. She is SO "two"....ohhhh my! :)

"I'm M-A-D"! "You are a horrible Mommy to be taking my picture right now"!

Here it is; The "LOOK"!
"Did my Mommy mention that my new phrases are *I do it* and *Mine, Sophie's*"!!!

"Okay, maybe I overreacted a little bit. Can I go watch Kai-lan on TV with Emma now"? :)


Terry Bernatt said...

Oh goodness, how funny. Amelia screeeeeeeches "ine, ine, ine" all the time, especially if it's Maddy's. And she has no tolerance for something not going her way - immediate FIT. So, while she hasn't yet mastered the "look" quite as well as Sophie, she has a bad case of 2-year-old-itis as well. :)

mom2eliza said...

Hee, hee-hhhh. Loved it; loved the progression of photos and the cheese-cake at the end...over it and ready to watch Kai-lan! Funny. Poor thing, so independent. Mommy, try getting elastic instead of buttons. JK! Sending high 5's and kisses to that cute-as-a-"button" pout-faced drama queen. Just want to kiss those chubby (like Eliza's) cheeks. SMOOCH!!!

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