Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Halloween Doo" & "Poochie"

I gave Emma a creative little hairstyle for school today. ;) She IS opionated about how she wants her hair done, but she still lets me have my way...... sometimes.

Emma has become very interested in all of MY old toys. In the first picture she is holding "Lady" from Lady & the Tramp. I got this toy when I was 7 so that makes it 28 years old...*yikes*....but Emma LOVES it as much as if it were brand new.

In the 2ND picture Emma is holding "Poochie" that I received sometime around the age of 7-10, I think? DO NOT be fooled though; Emma is VERY MUCH looking forward to Christmas this year. She has figured out that this Santa guy brings toys and that you can make a list. :)

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Mom said...

Emma is gorgeous! She looks like a model! I love it that you saved so many of your toys! (Except for the ones that I ruined in the washing machine, or sold at garage sales!)

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