Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm sorry that I have not posted lately, it has been crazy around here! Here are a few pictures of the beautiful ladies for your enjoyment!
(Note: Emma has been "forcing" her smiles lately and Sophie's have been less "cheesy")!


mom2eliza said...

Ha, I've been stalking your blog this week waiting for an update and ta-da... Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful girls. Always dressed so cute and hair done just right (unlike my photos of crazy-wild Eliza). I love how adoring Sophie feels towards her big sister. I can just feel it thru the pictures.

Thinking of you all a lot tonight and sending you super-mom hugs. Miss you. It sure was good to hear your voice today and laugh a bit (regardless). Don't we always find something "special" to laugh about?! You'll all be fine. I can hear the Charleston conversations between our H's already. Christmas sangria will drown them out! Hugs friend and kisses to the girls...

Mom 2 six said...

Cuties !!

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