Monday, August 31, 2009

Emma's First Soccer Game!!!!!

I posted the pictures backwards. So, if you want to read the captions in the correct time sequence you will need to start at the bottom of the page! :)

Coach Eric giving Emma a "high 5" after the game.

Emma drinking out of her "big kid" water bottle. :) The little boy next to her spit his water at her seconds after I took this picture. I think that he was frustrated that Emma would not answer him when he was trying to talk to her. :P

Emma out on the field! She is on the far right in front of the flag.

Emma was more interested in playing with the flags instead of the kids!
Emma walking onto the field with her teammate. (The one who spit water at her later on)!!

Happily sitting on the bench... Hmmmmm, this cone makes a nice hat. :)

There she is again, the only girl on her team!
Emma is the one pulling her shirt over her head.
Hanging around the goal. No, she was NOT playing goalie.... :D
Sitting in the car before the game!
Emma & Pooh checking out the field...

I *had* to style her hair for the game! ;)
Full shot of Emma's uniform. The jersey is HUGE on her and the shinguard/socks are too. :) Once we got to the game we were told that we had to reverse her jersey for the game; they were the "white" team that day. :)

My pretty Emma....

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