Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sophie was VERY proud that she finally figured out how to eat yogurt out of a tube! Can you guess which plate is Emma's and which one is Sophie's?! (Sophie's is the pink one). :)

Emma's new requested hair style; "a tail tucked under". What happened to wiggies?!
Emma decided to share a cup of java with us this morning. I'm starting to think that she has been to the Starbuck's drive thru with us one to many times?! (ha-ha). She takes hers with 90% cream and 10% coffee.
Sophie playing with her lamb from Lao-Lao.
And, of course Emma had to go find hers. Do you notice what a mess my living room is?! OY!
My beautiful Emma at the zoo. It seems like my "baby" has grown up by a full year over the past 2 weeks! She chose her own outfit and hair style this afternoon.
Petting the goat...both of the girls like the Asian Petting Zoo section. Pooh is getting ready to mount the goat. (I saved the goat just in time....).
I loved the way that Emma was taking care of sweet!NO MORE PICTURES MOMMY!!!!!!
I was very proud of Sophie on the "horse". She is not a natural Equestrian like her big sis so she was frightend to sit up there...but she did it and even smiled for me! :)It's Pooh's turn! Here are a few shots of Emma "milking" the cow...she walked over all by herself.

The girls got a big kick out of walking over the bridge????

My girls were getting a little bit tired at this point. We made them WALK the entire time today! Checking out the huge Koi fish....
Making music with Johnny Cash after bathtime....
"Sisters just hanging out". :)


Beth said...

I've really been able to see changes in Sophie's personality over the last few posts. It's obvious that she feels so comfortable with Emma, and looks up to her.

Karen said...

I want to come live with you - it is so much fun! The girls are just too sweet for words and look so happy. Thanks for the great pictures.


Mom said...

Loved these pictures! Emma looks so grown up with the tucked pony tail and Sophie is adorable with her hair cut! What good parents you are!

ourchinagirls said...

Looks like fun! I wish we lived close to the Wichita zoo again. It is so much fun there!!


The Shifflett Family said...

You are girls are just lovely! Great pictures. They look so sweet and so very happy! God bless. Doris

mom2eliza said...

Wow, for "nothing exciting", I'd say these are some of the best pictures thus far. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! (Eliza has the same terry-hooded pink dress, btw, that Emma is wearing.) Loved the pic of the dinner plate differences between the girls. LOL... And the zoo pics, made me tear up, I remember being there so vividly last August. Awww...I miss you friend! Cute, cute pics of the girls. Sophie's hair is growing in and I happen to love Emma's tucked under tail. She has grown and looks so mature. The picture comforting Pooh is priceless. Oh my. I needed these pictures today. Miss you girlfriend and girls and Greg and puppies... xxoo

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