Friday, June 19, 2009

Available Children for Adoption

No, no, no....not MINE! :) Emma and Sophie are a dream come true and here to stay. I swear. And, yes I will post current pictures and tid bits about the girls very soon-I promise. :)

Sophie's adoption agency received their Waiting Child list this week. I "found" Sophie on a list exactly like this one on November 8, 2007. :) Our family is now complete, at least that is what Greg tells me. :) So, the next best thing that I can do is to advocate for these children left behind. I do not have permission to post pictures, but their descriptions are below. If you are interested in any of these wonderful children please contact Ky Patterson with Adoption Advocates International @ or 360-452-4777. I do not personally know anything about any of these cutie pies, the following information is from the agency. I added my own impressions though. ;)

Male~DOB:May 21,2000. Described as a HEALTHY boy who likes to smile! He likes football and picture books. He is well liked by his caretakers and teachers. His picture does not do him justice! I just know that there have to be other pictures of him that show his REAL smile! I bet that he was nervous the day that this picture was taken. The Chinese are so big on basketball, I thought that it was neat that this kiddo said that he likes FOOTBALL! I can see him only wanting to wear football jerseys to school and looking forward to watching "Sunday Football" with his new Dad. ;) I bet that he would soak up English and flourish in his new classroom.

Male~DOB:January 12,2002. This little guy is a tender boy who seldom cries. He likes to be held and talked to by his caretaker. He flourishes & smiles when teased. I can see this one tearing up and down somebody's sidewalk on his bike! I bet that he loves to spend time outside.
Female~DOB:May 15,2007. This beautiful little girl is described as active and lovely. She looks like a "go-go-go girl", I can see her begging for "5 more minutes, please" at the park. :) She has a bit of a delayed mental development.

Male~DOB:July, 20,2005. This cute boy is described as a polite child who has good relationships with others. It is also said that he is bright. I can definitely see the spark in his eyes myself! :)I bet that he is a chatterbox. His SN is Postoperative Congenital Meningomyelocele.

Female~DOB:February 24,2000. This gorgeous little girl loves to study and gets along well with others. (I think that she likes to pose for the camera too!). :) Her SN is Postoperative Congenital Deaf w/Cochlear Implant. I can just imagine her wearing something pink with a big bow in her hair! She just looks like a princess in the waiting. :)

Male~DOB:July 30,2007. He will turn 2 next month! I could scoop this adorable little one right up! He looks very loveable.:) His SN is a Limb Deformity. His description reads that he likes to listen to music and is outgoing. My daughter's love to listen to Johnny Cash-I could see this little guy joining in with them for a dance session.

Male~DOB: October 27, 2004. This very handsome boy had a Limb Deformity. He is lively, enjoys listening to music and playing games. He sounds like a typical 5&1/2 year old boy to me!:)I can see him LOVING "Game & Pizza Night" on Friday's with his new family.

Male~DOB:May 25, 2002. Described as a DELIGHT to his foster family, he is well behaved and bright. I love his suspenders & his pose for the camera-adorable! He had Left Collum Valgum. I envision this cutie building a tree house with his new siblings and catching frogs at the pond!!
Male~DOB: April 19, 2004. This little boy is said to be doing well in his foster family and he loves to be praised by his "Mum"! His SN is Patent Foramen Ovale, delayed growth. I bet that with the right family he would blossom! He looks like he has a contagious laugh. :)

Male~DOB: August 23, 2002. I think that this guy has the CUTEST grin and I bet that his smile is even better. He'd be a great "big brother" for somebody's family because it is said that he enjoys younger sweet is that?! He loves to study and is sensitive. I bet that he'd love to have his own library card, I see him as a "book worm". :)

Male~DOB: March 6, 1999. This good-looking 10 year old boy is said to have a good moral character. He longs for a family and to be adopted!! His SN is a skin condition. I bet that he has a hidden talent waiting to be tapped into; music lessons or Karate maybe? I bet that he'd love to hang out with his new Dad and "be one of the guys"!

Female~DOB: February 25,2004. This little girl is extremely adORAble! She has a limb deformity of her hands and feet. Her deformity does not slow her down and she is VERY ACTIVE!;)She looks like a ring leader to me!

Female~DOB:October 20, 1997. This pretty girl is described as enthusiastic and optimistic. The picture looks grainy to me, I think that a better quality picture would show "the real her"! Her SN is Hepatitis B positive. (My youngest daughter Sophie has the same SN-very manageable-believe me!!!). :) I swear that I have seen this girl on one of the lists before; I bet that she has been waiting a long time for a family! :(

Male~DOB:January 23, 2002. This handsome boy will be a real ladies man when he grows up! Look at those eyes. I'll admit, he was my favorite on this list. ;) They say that he is quiet; but I see him swimming and playing T ball with his new siblings instead! His SN is Microtia Deformity of his right ear. It is said that he has good physical and mental development.

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mom2eliza said...

Ohhhhhh....those lists! Found both my daughters on them. I still love looking at them even tho our "born in 2002" 7 year old, Anna Meiying, is waiting for us in China...counting down daily! Great post...I hope they find their forever families sooner rather than later (and for some, sad).

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