Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Pictures...SURPRISE!

Three HAPPY Montieth Ladies:
I was excited because Greg and I had a "date" tonight. And, the girls were excited because their new sitter Tori was coming over to eat pizza and play with them. We ALL had a good time! :)
Although they don't always see eye to eye, Emma and Sophie truly love one another. Sophie had a wet diaper and Emma took it upon herself to change Sophie. She did the entire thing by herself and did a good job too! :P
The pictures are a bit blurry and dark (stupid camera!!). Yet, they were TOO funny not to post!


ourchinagirls said...

So how did Tori do? Hope you like her! ZoraLin always wanted to change Kendalan's diapers too.


mom2eliza said...

Oh, those are definitely too cute not to post! I'm so glad they are becoming fast and furious sisters. So with Emma changing Sophie's diaper, does this mean Emma is using the big girl potty now? I would think it would help motivate her??? Glad you had a date night. I read your other post, but was too sick to post a comment (ha, ha). How did it go w/ the new sitter? We'll have to catch up on the phone this week...everyone got sick by the end of last week (mama included) so sorry we didn't talk then. Let's try this week. LU and MU all, hugs & kisses to the naughty butts; Sarah & Eliza

Julie said...

Beautiful picture of the Montieth girls! Love it!

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