Sunday, May 10, 2009

The First Hours of Turning Five

(*Disclaimer: Emma styled her own hair this morning)! ; )


ourchinagirls said...

Oh My!! A birthday Bagel?!! How cute! Love Sophie's bedhead look! Happy Mothers Day and Happy Birthday Emma!


Missy said...

I had to post a comment about Greg's coffee mug! We got the exact same Guangzhou Starbuck's mug when we were in China! I collect mugs from all the places we have traveled and have them on display in our kitchen. I was thrilled to find a mug to commemorate our trip to China!

I love the 5 candles in a bagel for breakfast! Perfect for Emma! We had so much fun yesterday! Thanks for including us in your celebrations!

Missy :)

mom2eliza said...

Great pictures! Strawberry Shortcake doll? Cute! Love the b-day breakfast bagel w/ candles! The pictures of Emma's reaction and getting ready to blow out the candles were precious and Sophie's wild morning hair is hysterical. I love how you caught Sophie looking at the b-day bagel aware! Happy birthday Emma. You're such a big girl...5 years old now...WOW!!!! Hugs from Auntie Sarah and Eliza

mom2eliza said...

p.s. we have that same exact Guangzhou Starbucks coffee mug too!

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