Wednesday, April 8, 2009

White Ribbons and Red Noses

Poor Emma and Sophie BOTH have colds (and of course so do I)! There is no need for anybody to worry about Sophie though, Emma has taken it upon herself to wipe Sophie's nose when ever she thinks that it is necessary. Emma tells her "blow" and Sophie does! :) Of course Emma still asks US to blow HER OWN nose half of the time....sometimes she wants to be a big girl and other times not.

The girls are looking forward to Easter this year. Emma tells us that the Easter bunny is in the ground and she takes Sophie to the window frequently to check if they can catch a glimpse. Emma is also very aware that he is going to bring them candy (not as much as she THINKS though)! :) We are taking the girls to visit the Easter Bunny this weekend and Emma is thrilled, we will see how Sophie does. She is shy around strangers and I can not imagine what she will do when she sees a giant bunny. Sophie is enjoying playing with plastic Easter eggs and that may just be enough for her this year. :)

The girls Nona (Greg's Mom) is flying in for Easter tomorrow. Emma is quite excited and I am sure that they both will both enjoy her visit!


Natalie said...

What cutie patooties!!!
They look so adorable together. Have a fun Easter!

Thanks again for taking Elliana's photo's to the orphanage!!!


Karen said...

Nothing like bougars bwtween sisters :) So happy things are going well and the Easter Buny is bringing LOTS of candy.

mom2eliza said...

So adorable. Glad to hear that Emma is being such a good big sister to Sophie by wiping her nose and taking her to the window to look for the underground Easter bunny! The pictures are great. They don't look like they have colds?! They're beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter! LU Sarah and Eliza

Julie said...

Love the sisters picture - well all of the pictures! You have been great about updating your blog! I've been so behind with mine and catching up with my faves!

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