Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last Post Before Our Journey Begins!

The suitcases are packed, the dogs have been dropped off at our friend's house, the refrigerator has been emptied...I hope that I am not forgetting anything! :)

I will not be posting again until Sunday, March 8th (China time)! So, please check back then and every day after that for updates!

Tonight will be the last time that we go to sleep as a family of 3 in this house.....


Missy said...

Megan, Greg, & Emma,

I have thought of you guys all day today! I have told all kinds of people about my friends leaving for China tomorrow! I was even talking about you when I went to hold my brand new niece for the first time! I am sooo excited for you! My prayers are for safe uneventful travel! Love you!


Beth said...

I'll be checking for your update. I'm so happy for you to finally be going to get Sophie. I'll pray for safe travels and an easy transition for Sophie (and Emma too).

chavafor4 said...

Praying for you all. Cant wait for updates. Jenne in OR

mom2eliza said...

You have been on my mind constantly. I tried to call both numbers a few times yesterday, with butterflies in MY tummy from giddiness, but didn't get an answer. I didn't want to bother you. Knew you were frantically reviewing your lists and probably swearing at the phone that keeps ringing!

Isn't that just an enormous thought that the next time you walk back thru your door, you will be a family of 4?! I remember feeling both sadness and happiness when I had that thought 2.5 years ago (because life won't be the same and I hate change) but it will be more complete because of your newest family member. I'm so excited to read a China update. I confess, I'm freak'n out waiting for one!!! Safe travels. I can't stop thinking about you all.

Did you remember your...dramamine? melatonin? wine? grandma? emma? hee, hee... Have fun on that longgggggggggggggggg flight! Hugs and mucho kisses!!!

Karen said...

Checking, checking, checking - where are you :) Hope all is well, my good thoughts are with you all !


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