Saturday, March 28, 2009

Books...Cartoons...& Animal Crackers

I was talking to my Mom on the phone the other morning & I commented on how quietly the girls were playing in Emma's room. Hmmmmm, too quiet? I peeked in and this is what I found. I had to come back with the camera. ; ) Then I returned to the kitchen to finish unloading the dishwasher...after all they WERE being quiet and having fun TOGETHER, and the mess could be cleaned up later. (Is this REALLY ME talking?!).

Watching cartoons in Mommy and Daddy's room after dinner! : )

The girls wanted a snack last night. (They eat more than teenage boys...I think that they are BOTH in a growth spurt!). I poured Animal Crackers in ONE bowl so that they could practice sharing (We need A LOT of practice...). They did pretty well. Emma was even feeding Sophie and she wiped off her hands and mouth for her when they were finished! : )

*Do you see the ice on the windows? We got nailed with a horrible snow-ice storm yesterday. Only in Kansas can it be 75 degrees one day and have a storm like this roll in 4 days later--ugh.*


Beth said...

Love the pictures!! Looks like Emma is being a great big sister.

The Frost Family said...

What great pictures and stories! It's nice to see the girls acclimating to each other...what a gift a sibling is! Thank you for sharing your girls!!!!

ourchinagirls said...

Get used to the messes! Two Chinese tornados can do twice the damage! Just think what our house looks like :)


mom2eliza said...

Megan, wwd here! But seriously, I love this post. To see Sophie with that short hair and Emma, so tall, being so big sister like. I love it! I can see Emma feeling so proud and happy to have a sister/friend around at last. Yes, there's moments, but they will gel in time. Cute, cute, cute! Sorry about the snow. We had the same thing last month...warm and then freak snow. Hang in there. Miss you like crazy!

Karen said...


This just cracked me up - BM (before Maggie :)) I knew where every shoe to every doll was and Zoey's toys were always put away neatly. Now, AM (after Maggie) I know where nothing is and find stuff squirreled away everywhere - believe it, you do get used to it, may drive you (well, me) crazy but I have learned to go with the flow (well, mess) :)


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