Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~Picture Day at School~

Today was Picture Day at Emma's school, I am SO glad that it fell the week BEFORE we leave for China so that she did not have to miss it. The took individual pictures and a class picture, it will be a cute remembrance to have of her classmates. I got the idea to pull out my old curling iron and add a few loose curls to her hair...I am lucky that Emma is so tolerant of me! ;)

We leave to bring Sophie home in 8 days! Yeahhhh!!!!! :-D


Beth said...

She looks so pretty!! Love the curls too! Just think, in eight more days you'll have TWO kids to squeeze into the lens. :)

mom2eliza said...

I love the curls. Emma you are beautiful and growing up!! So cute. Can't wait to show Eliza, especially that Barney was in the pictures too!!! 8 more days...woohoooo. Counting down right there w/ ya sister. Loved these pictures. Hugs!

my3 kids said...

Emma you look so pretty. I also like to curl my Emma's hair from time to time. I bet your pictures will be really nice. Can't wait until Sophie is in your arms!!

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