Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Changing Daddy's Diaper

Emma's VERY BEST friend right now is her Daddy! She loves to play with him and she thinks that everything that he does is just so funny. Greg is very good about playing with her and as you will see by the pictures below he will go along with just about anything. :)

Emma's favorite book right now is "My Mei Mei". (Mei Mei means "little sister" in Chinese). We bought it for her to help explain Sophie's adoption into our family. It is an adorable story with the cutest pictures! Last night she decided that it was time to reenact a page from the book and it involved Greg wearing a Pull Up! :P Poor Greg, Emma REALLY does need Sophie to come home so that she can change her little sister's diapers instead.


mom2eliza said...

Mean, that is so hysterically funny. Definitely an above and beyond the call Daddy moment. Derek is sitting next to me and wanted me to tell you and Greg that there are adults who have fetishes with wearing diapers; he's seen it on HBO. He said that Greg might need to look into a support group!! As for Emma, she's going to make a great big sister and is it any wonder that Daddy is her favorite right now?! Ha, ha, ha!!! Miss you all!

Beth said...

Hilarious!! Does Greg know you posted these pictures? ;) - By the way, I love those jammies Emma is wearing. So cute!

Karen said...

Okay Megan - are you sure you should be adopting again? Won't three children be a bit much? I love this photo and Greg is such a good sport. Let's hope he is not going to run for public office soon. Sophie will someday appreciate this silliness on her behalf. C'mon TA -TA-TA !!!!

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