Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cute Pictures of Emma!!

Okay, I know that Emma is my daughter....but, tell me that she isn't THE CUTEST GIRL EVER!!! :)
She has been very compliant mugging for the camera lately. We went to Hays, KS a couple of weekends ago (PULEEZE-do NOT google it...) and we visited The Stienberg Museum and Oktoberfest where these pictures were taken.
The other pictures of Emma dressed in her Halloween attire (thanks Lao Lao!!) were taken this afternoon after school out on the driveway.


Beth said...

Yes, she is the cutest girl ever!! You have every right to brag, brag, brag!!!

mom2eliza said...

Oh what great and fun pictures. Emma looks darling. I love the picture of she and Greg kissing. Eliza has been holding Derek's face like that lately too. So precious. Great expressions of joy on her face. Love these Megan! Miss you girls (and Greg, and the dogs...)


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