Monday, September 22, 2008

Believe in Miracles- An Update on Sophie!

Our Beautiful Girl! :)
Sophie turned 22 months old on September 19th. The very next day a special family from our Yangxi Yahoo SWI group visited the orphanage. Terri and Joe (and big sister Maddy) adopted their daughter Amelia earlier last week and had the opportunity to return to Yangxi County. Amelia's crib was next to Sophie's so they were "neighbors". :)
Terry volunteered to check in on Sophie for us. She also suggested that we sleep with a blankie so that she could bring it to Sophie with our scent on it. I emailed her a family picture (the only recent one that I had of the 3 of us...go figure that we were all sweaty, oh well....), Terry printed out the picture and glued it to card stock so that it would be sturdy.
Below is the sweet email that accompanied the picture above:
Hey Megan,
Sophie is absolutely gorgeous. She looks very healthy. Some of the kids have open sores on their heads, but she looks great. She's very shy and began to cry after the second picture. I was only able to take a picture of Amelia's crib inside and then a picture of Sophie and of one of the other babies that another mom (Jenn McQuade) asked me about. They didn't want to give Sophie the blanket because they said the other babies would play with it and it would get dirty, etc. so I don't know if she'll get to keep it, but I told them you didn't care if it got dirty so maybe they will. But she did at least get it while I was there. And they told her about Mama and Baba and JieJie in the picture. I attached a picture of Amelia in her crib because she and Sophie were crib mates (side by side) and I was able to get Sophie's in with it. I'll send an extended email to the group later. Enjoy!
Sophie appears to have good muscle tone and was walking well. She seems to be wearing a size 2T. The SWI staff said that "She's the most beautiful girl" and they took time to fuss over her clothing for the pictures. : ) They wanted us to know that they were taking good care of her.
Terri also informed me that the orphanage is new, built around 2002. All of the baby rooms had air conditioning for the summer and heat for the winter! The rooms are spartan with few toys and the babies sleep on wooden boards in the cribs. The Ayi (Auntie/Nanny) ratio is about 10:1-not the worst case scenario.
Our papers are back from the Secretary of State and now at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco for the final "okay"...then our dossier is off to China!!! Depending on who we speak with we are getting different time lines, our best (hopeful) guess is that we will be traveling between January and March???


Beth said...

How exciting to get a new picture and a small update. The wait... ugh. I don't know how you're doing it, but hang in there!

Julie said...

Oh what a wonderful gift for your family to get this special update! Sophie is just so adorable. I really hope you get a huge surprise and can travel much sooner than anticipated:)

mom2eliza said...

Megan, I love your title to this post "Believe in Miracles"...that is truly the adoption anthem for you this time around isn't it? I'm tearing up reading what the other family wrote to you and the information passed along about and from the SWI. I know you've read it over and over again. Soon...Megan...sooner than you think. I just feel it. Remember, "believe in miracles". Sending big hugs!

Doreen said...

How wonderful to get such positive info. I hope it eases you alittle (just a wee bit) to know these things. I wish for you a speedy TA.

Doreen in Montreal single Mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

my3 kids said...

what a sweetie and such a blessing to have these pictures and info while you wait.

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