Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Mini Reunion at Cracker Barrel!

"Hand in Hand"
The trio L to R: Braydee, Emma and Lucy

"Old Friends"

L to R: Emma, Braydee and Lucy.
Greg and I decided that it was time to get out of town, so we took Emma to Kansas City, MO for the weekend. We attended a Royals Baseball Game and ate some great Barbecue food on Saturday. (Don't worry everyone-I had the shrimp)! Emma had a blast at the ballgame, clapping and cheering for both teams. :)
On Sunday we met some very special friends for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The Rutter-Chu family was part of our travel group in China and their daughter Lucy was born in Guangdong Province just like Emma. We had not seen them in 2 and a half years, but somehow the girls just connected immediately. They had a great time visiting and so did we. My friend Cristy took the pictures posted above, she captured better ones than I did so I am using hers! :) (Thanks Cristy-*lol*)!


mom2eliza said...

Oh these pictures are precious. Wow! Don't you just love these reunions (hee, hee)...remembering just a year ago when we first finally met in person...and to think next week we will have reunion #2!!! Loved these pictures. Beautiful!

Sarah and Eliza

CC said...

I'm honored to have my photography on someone else's site! We had a great time and loved seeing how much Emma has changed and grown. I loved that our kids acted like they've been life long friends.

We're so glad you moved closer to us!

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