Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eggs -N- Emma's Shiner!

Yesterday morning Emma decided that we wanted to "help" me make her breakfast. She enjoyed sitting on the counter and beating her egg, she even used her fingers a bit to stir. : P
As you can see Emma had a bandaid on her cheek. The night before she had fallen asleep in our room and tumbled out of bed catching the corner of the night stand with her cheek. Yesterday afternoon I took the bandaid off and the cut is healing well. But, her black eye continues to get darker...and DARKER...now she has a "U" under her eye! This picture does not do justice, trust me! I do have to say though for as much as this little girl runs and jumps around I am surprised that this is the first injury that she has gotten; she lives up to her zodiac sign-The Monkey! ; )


The Wanless Family said...

Emma is so darling!! Sometimes I see her picture and she reminds me of Sierra!! How is the waiting for Sophie going? I feel this is so much harder this time for different reasons. I just cannot wait to get our paperwork in China and things will go smoother but the only problem is when will that be?? Holding to hope with you!! Miss you guys!

Sherri said...

Hi Megan

You just emailed me about the clinic in GZ and I thought I'd stop by your blog!

My oldest daughter, who is 20, had a black eye for most of her young life. Some kids just have that "gift"....

Thanks for the encouragement for my friend! You can find her blog on my blog's list of favorites. It's peace, love, and craziness.



Beth said...

Oooohhhh... poor Emma. Although I must say, she looks pretty happy in these pictures! :)

Leah Reeves said...


I am on the China SN yahoo group. I was looking through your blog and noticed you found your second daughter on AAI waiting child list. I am with GWCA and we do not get to see any info on waiting children, they match us. Were you a client of AAI first and then able to view the SN children?
Sorry for all the questions. My email is leah697@yahoo.com if you would be open to answering a few questions. Thanks


mom2eliza said...

Megan, Emma is a doll. I love your new blog format (and inclusion of Sophie)! Emma's smile w/ the bandaid is just too cute. Eliza keeps looking at the bandaid and pointing. Can't wait to see you girls...counting down! Big hugs!!! Sarah and Eliza

amy said...

FOund your blog on the yahoo group! What a beautiful little girl

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