Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures from The Zoo

Being that we live less than ten minutes door to door from The Sedgwick County Zoo, Emma and I "go see the animals" (*Emma's own words*) once or twice a week. Greg joins us on Tuesday nights when the zoo is open late or on weekends.

As you can see from the pictures Emma is growing up quickly. While she still enjoys a spin in the stroller, these days it is used more often to carry our bag and snacks! Emma tells us that she needs to "walk with my feet" and she enjoys pushing the stroller more most of the time. : )

Below are pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago. My PC is not letting me rotate the shots counter clockwise... so I am crying "UNCLE" and posting them as is! Just turn your head sideways and enjoy! : )

What BEAUTIFUL species of Penguin is in the white shirt? ; ) Emma likes to watch the Penguins swim!

Observing the Penguins upclose!
Emma likes to watch the Giraffes too! Cautiously feeding the Goat at the Petting Zoo! : )

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