Saturday, November 17, 2007

Emma Met Santa Claus Today!

This year I am trying to explain to Emma who Santa Claus is and how he brings toys to good (key word!) little girls and boys at Christmas time. Emma seems to be listening to me and she likes to scream "HO-HO-HO"!!!
Today I took Emma to the flower nursery down the street where Santa Claus was visiting! There was no line (after all, who goes to see Santa Claus before Thanksgiving?!) and we were able to walk right up to him and say hello. Emma was a little bit nervous and was only able to whisper a few answers to Santa Claus' questions with my coaching. But she took her mini candy cane from Santa Claus and she agreed to sit on his lap for a quick picture. As you can see Emma really was not interested in posing for the picture, & Santa Claus' elves were not very patient. So, this is the picture that we came home with! : )
I am keeping my fingers crossed that Emma might get to see Santa Claus again this year and maybe the next time she will be more comfortable & smile for a picture!


my3 kids said...

Our little Emma is 34 months old and she tells me she is NOT sitting on Santa's knee. I guess we will see when the time comes as she likes to do most things her big sister does but so far we haven't had the chance to see
Santa yet. your Emma is so sweet!

Julie said...

This picture is cute! I'm impressed that she did sit on Santa's lap. I don't know if Kamryn will this year.

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